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Match Day Preview: Nashville SC Unified vs Charlotte FC Unified

Nashville SC Unified opens its season against Charlotte FC Unified at Bank of America Stadium on Saturday night
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The Nashville SC Unified Team will open its season Saturday night at Bank of America Stadium against the Charlotte FC Unified Team. The match will occur immediately following the first team match, which begins at 7:30 PM Eastern. It's set to be another exciting season, building on the success of last year's inaugural competitive season.

Head coach Misty Germek and assistants Aaron Addis and Meghan Coyle have the team prepare for their first match, but for the athletes and Unified Partners, hitting the road is important for team building.

2024.03.27 Unified Team Signing-118.jpg
Kylie McCann

"The trip is about interacting with everyone," said Unified Partner Kylie McCann. "Traveling with athletes and other Unified Partners has been a great experience."

Having Unified Partners and athletes wanting to be a part of each other's lives creates strong bonds throughout the team, which will undoubtedly translate to the pitch.

"Everyone loves to be involved with everyone and we're encouraged to be involved," said athlete Caroline Morphy.

The coaching staff does play an important role in developing those bonds. The primary mission of Unified Sports is that training and playing together facilitate swift paths to friendship and understanding. The shared love for sports serves as another means to break through preconceptions and false ideas, and this coaching staff keeps the mission of Unified Sports at the heart of everything they do.

"They're honestly the nicest people ever," said McCann. Coach Aaron was amazing with our travel day, and Coach Misty has been so nice at practices. They've trained us well."

"My coaches are amazing," said Morphy. "I love Coach Aaron and Coach Misty the most."

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Caroline Morphy

The roster is full of incredible athletes and Unified Partners. While McCann is new to the club, Morphy is returning for her second year competing. For everyone, it's a rewarding experience.

"Just being on the team has been rewarding," said McCann. "All the practices have been really fun, and I'm excited to play in the match tonight. I think it's going to be cool. "

For Morphy, being on the team comes down to a simple yet powerful statement about what Special Olympics means to her.

"My favorite part about Special Olympics is being with my friends," said Morphy.

The Nashville SC Unified match against Charlotte FC Unified will be live-streamed on the Special Olympics Tennessee Facebook page beginning at approximately 10:00 PM Eastern.

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