Inclusive Health
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Good health is necessary to achieve a high standard of living and good quality of life; however, all too often, Tennessee athletes encounter challenges in accessing the high quality and compassionate health care they need. By promoting Inclusive Health values, Special Olympics Tennessee is working hard to improve health outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities so Tennessee athletes can live their healthiest lives and achieve their highest potential both on and off the field.
Healthy Athletes Screening
Tennessee offers 5 different Healthy Athletes screenings and health education throughout the year. These screenings allow athletes to access free and high quality prevention and early detection for different health concerns.
Special Olympics Lions Club International Opening Eyes (Vision/Eye Health)
Medical History and Physical Exam
Emotional Health
Healthy Communities
Healthy Communities is a model Special Olympics Health program whose goal is to address the severe health disparities faced by people with intellectual disabilities through immediate and long-term community-based solutions.

Special Olympics Tennessee is working to achieve Healthy Communities in the following ways:
Conducting Healthy Athlete screenings
Developing partnerships
Training Health Professionals
Providing ongoing health and wellness activities
Current Healthy Communities Initiatives
Health Messengers are athletes who are trained to serve as health and wellness leaders, educators, advocates and role models within their communities and across the state. They are leading their teams, families, and communities to pursue health lifestyles, and are advocating for healthcare providers and governments to adopt inclusive policies around health.
Family Health Forums provide a space for families and caregivers of people with intellectual disabilities to engage with health professionals, community leaders and social service providers. These forums are a safe place to bring questions and learn more about special topics relating to ID health.
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Special Olympics Tennessee provides continuing education and volunteer opportunities for health care providers and professionals to engage and learn about caring for special needs populations.
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By the Numbers
Unfortunately, it is normal for people with intellectual disabilities to receive sub-standard care compared to the rest of the population.
Special Olympics Tennessee is fighting hard to beat the statistics through Inclusive Health.

Reports show on a team of 10 Special Olympics athletes:
6 are overweight or obese and at risk for chronic health conditions
6 have problems with flexibility and 5 will have problems with strength, placing them at risk for injury
4 have untreated tooth decay and 1-2 are in need of urgent dental care
2-3 have low bone density even though they may look healthy
2 would have never had an eye exam and 4 need a new prescription for glasses
2 would fail a hearing test
Health Partners
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