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Beuker's Smile Beams After Bowling

Maury County athlete finished second in bowling at area competition
Male Beuker bowling

Male (pronounced like “Molly”) Beuker, from Area 6 – Maury County, finished second in her grouping last week at Tenn Pin Bowling Alley during the area competition in Columbia, Tennessee.

As Beuker stood on the medal stand and received her medal, her smile could be seen from all around. She was beaming and kept that smile all throughout our conversation.

Beuker currently attends The King’s Daughters' School in Columbia, Tennessee. When the 13-year-old seventh-grader started talking about her love for bowling, her excitement was palpable.

“When you’re actually bowling, that’s way more fun than just a video game,” Bueker said as her glowing smile stretched across her face.

Her excitement for bowling was prevalent even as she shared that Friday was in fact her first time ever bowling for real. She had played Wii Bowling many times just like the rest of us, but the real thing was just a different animal for her to experience

Male Beuker medals

She also used to participate in gymnastics. She called it her “life," but once COVID-19 hit, her parents pulled her out for the time being. Beuker said that fortunately, she plans on starting back up gymnastics when she leaves school to go back home.

Beuker’s family gave birth to her in South Africa and says that her family moved to Michigan when she was four years old. Her parents currently live in Grand Rapids.

“My parents sent me down here to receive the help I needed,” Beuker said. "And not only have I enjoyed Tennessee, I feel like they’ve helped me a lot.”

Beuker has been at The King’s Daughters' School for almost a full year now minus a summer break in Michigan, and she just kept returning to how nice everyone is and how friendly and helpful they all are.

“Most everyone is from Tennessee which makes sense,” Beuker said. "but one of my friends is from New Jersey, and a couple of other people I know are also from somewhere else.”

“Everyone is just so nice.”

Beuker said she started cheerleading a couple of weeks ago, so she will have a few sports to focus on while in school and for when she heads back home at the end of the semester.

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