Hannah All About His Team & Playing Without Judgement

Greater Memphis Bowler Wins Two Bronze Medals at USA Games
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2022 USA Games, Special Olympics, BL, Bowling, Boardwalk Bowl, Presented by Zappos

He likes to dance. He likes to sing. He just won two bronze medals. Bowler Alex Hannah is on the top of the world at Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando.

The Memphis native started his USA Games campaign winning a bronze medal in singles only to win another the next day along with his doubles partner Wyatt Branson.

"Winning these medals meant a lot to me because it showed what I have learned and gave me the opportunity to show great sportsmanship," said Hannah.

The 11-year Special Olympics Tennessee veteran's favorite USA Games moment so far was the opening ceremony.

"It's my first time doing this," said Hannah. "Being here at the USA Games, seeing it, seeing all the people, it came for my heart."

Hannah's father, Rio Hannah, participated in the final leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run, with Hannah watching from the stands.

"The torch run was special for me," said Hannah. "I have collected a lot of state pins from Hawaii to New Hampshire, but my favorite is my Torch Run pin that I got from my dad."

While bowling is an individual-centric sport. Hannah attacks it with a team mindset.

"My favorite thing about bowling is that I still get to show what I learned, but I also get to help prepare my teammates and watch them succeed in tournaments."

While he loves his Team Tennessee teammates, Hannah credits his parents and area director Lisa Taylor for his success.

"I love representing Tennessee because it tells people what Special Olympics is, how to get involved and how it's part of my life," said Hannah. "My favorite thing about being a part of Special Olympics is being around people like me without judgment."

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2022 USA Games, Special Olympics, BL, Bowling, Boardwalk Bowl, Presented by Zappos