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Nashville's Webne & Foster Utilize Topgolf Partnership to Train for Golf Tournaments

The duo also competed at the State Golf Tournament where they placed second in their division

Special Olympics Tennessee athletes have the opportunity to train and enhance their golf skills free of charge at Topgolf locations around the country. This partnership allows for athletic growth and the chance for athletes to perfect their game.

One athlete in particular has taken advantage of this training opportunity, using Topgolf to prepare for the State Golf tournament that took place on September 18, at Smyrna Golf Course. Nashville's Jacob Webne is an experienced golfer who has been playing since he was in high school. Webne has been a Special Olympics athlete since the age of six; with over 27 years of experience.

Webne and Unified Partner, Robin Foster, recently competed at the Tennessee State Golf event, shooting a 62, coming second in their division. When asked about this experience, Webne stated he was “looking forward to going back next year."

Foster and Webne are a father and stepson duo, who have been playing golf together ever since Webne discovered his love for the sport. But what is Webne's favorite aspect of the sport? Putting.

Webne shooting at Topgolf

“I just like the geometry of putting," said Webne. "I like to read the green."

Foster is extremely proud of Webne and everything he's accomplished.

“I think it’s worth adding that Jacob plays one-handed," said Foster. "In high school, his golf coach tried to play around one-handed to see what it was like, and he couldn’t finish it.”

Webne possesses a great amount of strength and skill, adapting his swing to fit his physical needs.

As athletes, Webne and Foster have shown hard work and perseverance, continuing to train and improve their golf game any chance they can get. Training at Topgolf allows them to refine their skills and spend time together doing what they love. Webne added he loves Topgolf for the “golf and eating”, and that he likes listening to their music while he swings.

Webne and Foster are a great example of the dedication that Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners have for their sport and how they utilize opportunities presented through partnerships like Topgolf.

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